The Week Ahead (28 November- 02 December 2016)

In our pursuit to making rights real, we bring to you our plans and activities for the week. This is done, in so that the public, media and our partners are always aware of our cases and advocacy activities. We hope that this is not only informative but encourages everyone to contribute towards our goal, which is making rights real.

Monday 28 November 2016

The Gender and Equality Programme (GEP) is speaking on a panel at the Forum on LGBTI Political Participation. This forum has been organized by Triangle Project and the Gay & Lesbian Victory Institute. The panel will address the topic, “Co-operation, not cooption: Changing the system and not being swallowed by it.”


Tuesday 29 November 2016

Refugee and Migrants Rights Programme (RMRP) law Clinic staff will be attending an event hosted by OUT about how the new Hate Crimes Legislation affects the LGBTI community.

The statelessness project will be in Maputo, Mozambique next week to present at a workshop for Mozambican MPs, government departments, civil society organisations and the judiciary on statelessness in collaboration with UNHCR. This will be from Tuesday, 29 November to Thursday 1 December. To follow the discussion #Statelessness on Twitter: @LHR_SA   and our Facebook Page: Lawyers for Human rights.


Wednesday 30 November 2016

RMRP will be in the the High Court where we will oppose the Application for Appeal by the State in the case of the Rwandan Asylum Seeker who was denied the opportunity to apply for asylum and who is currently being detained at Lindela even though LHR’s urgent application for his release succeeded.  

LHR team will also be showing support to our partner UNHCR at the launch of its toll-free helpline. Follow the discussion here: Twitter: @LHR_SA   and our Facebook Page: Lawyers for Human rights.


Thursday 01 December 2016

The GEP will join the Rape Crisis Cape Town Trust march and protest at Athlone Magistrates Court. We will demand more sexual offences courts, as part of #16DaysOfActivism and the Rape Survivor’s Justice Campaign. Follow the march on our  Facebook Page: Lawyers for Human rights.

RMRP in Pretoria will be attending a Human Trafficking Seminar organized by the National Association of Democratic Lawyers Action Plan to Combat Human Trafficking.