Administration of Zimbabwean nationals on special dispensation permits

The South African Human Rights Commission's investigative report into conditions of detention at Lindela Repatriation Centre.

Civilians in South Sudan have been paying a huge price since the outbreak, on December 15, 2013, of the conflict which opposed the forces loyal to the President Salva Kiir and those supporting the former Vice President Riek Machar. In its mission report on South Sudan, FIDH raises serious concerns over the risks of a further deterioration of the human rights and humanitarian situation in the country if no effective measures are taken to break the cycle of violence and impunity which currently prevail.

Land rights defenders are increasingly the target of repressive measures, says the Observatory in a new report published in The Philippines, Mexico, and South Africa.

The pressure on land has become unbearable and mobilisation for the respect of the economic, social and cultural rights of affected communities has become a high risk activity.

This report is an update to the situational analysis of children in prison in South Africa prepared by the Community Law Centre in 1997.

The probability that law enforcement officials will be held accountable for gross rights violations is very low. The reasons for this are discussed in this report. The report argues that there is no single reason for the current situation but rather that a myriad of factors, structural and functional, contribute to a greater or a lesser degree to the current situation.

This research report provides an overview of the necessary research to develop possible solutions for limiting the amount of time remand detainees spend in custody.